What’s In Season: 10 Ripe Content Ideas for June

10 Ideas for June

It’s officially summer, the season for enjoying the outdoors and spending time with family.

Here is your monthly reminder that producing fresh content is important to the success of your insurance agency website. Yes, it can be hard to think of what to write about.

That’s why we created this blog series. Refer to it each month for a new set of topics perfect for the insurance consumer. Use these ideas as a basis for a blog post, webpage, calendar, social media posts, or newsletter.


  1. Roadside Assistance

As an agent, you know a lot about which policies include roadside assistance. These services help immobilized drivers in their time of need, like on summer road trips. This is a broad topic, so tailor it to your readership. You could explain what services are typically included in roadside assistance packages. Or, if there are little-known benefits, that would also make an interesting post.

  1. National Iced Tea Day – June 10

In 1904, a tea plantation owner set up a booth to sell hot tea at the St. Louis World Fair. As the day heated up, he served it cold on ice. It was an instant sensation. Today, people can be as picky about their iced tea as their coffee. Celebrate this holiday and share your favorite places around town to get a glass (or to-go cup) of iced tea. On your agency’s Facebook page, ask followers to comment with their suggestions too.

  1. Hurricane Season

The Atlantic hurricane season begins on June 1 and runs until November 30. If your agency is along the Atlantic or Gulf coast, these dates will be of importance to your clients. Post about it in your agency newsletter. Or, add it to your website calendar. It may be useful to your clients write an informational blog series about this as well.

  1. Summer Lawn Care

Weeds. Sprinklers. Lawnmowers. Fire ants. There are all sorts of sub-topics that lend themselves to this theme. I’m sure you could come up with a list of 10 ideas stemming from this. And, these types of posts that remain relevant every year are called evergreen blogging. Your clients will appreciate it!

  1. Father’s Day – June 17th

Don’t let this holiday pass without mentioning it on your agency social media pages. Post a photo of the fathers you’d like to honor on this day. Be sure to write about the values hey represented to you , or a fond memory. Ask your followers to do the same.

  1. New Insurance Regulations on the Horizon

You are probably familiar with any new insurance laws making waves in the industry. Will these affect your client base in any way? If so, it’s your duty to keep clients informed of any potential changes they need to be aware of.

  1. Treating Mosquito Bites

Everyone’s outdoors in the summertime, and so are the mosquitos. If your agency offers health lines of business, this may be a worthwhile blog post. What is the best repellant to these insect? And, what is the best way to get the itching to subsist? Your readers may thank you!

  1. Flag Day – June 14th

Although this holiday appears on almost every calendar, many don’t know what it stands for. Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the US flag, which occurred on June 14, 1777. It is not celebrated widely across the country. But, parts of New England have parades and celebrations dedicated to Flag Day.

  1. Trampoline Safety Tips

Does your agency cater to a lot of young families with homeowners policies? There is a good chance they have a trampoline in the backyard with a few hyper kids jumping on it as we speak. But, those springs can pinch, and bigger kids can accidently injure smaller children. Write a blog post about your top five trampoline safety tips.

  1. Odd Holidays Calendar

Iced Tea Day is only the beginning! Create a shareable graphic for social media about random and funny holidays in June. All you have to do is find a calendar template online or in your word processer. Then, fill the dates with fun holidays. Include some imagery too. A good resource for unusual holidays is Holiday Insights.


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