Step into Spring with 10 Content Ideas for May

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Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to freshen up your agency website. The easiest way to add some new content. But, what will you write about?

Use these content ideas for your insurance agency’s blog, newsletter, or social media posts in May. As always, check back next month for more seasonal topic ideas.

  1. Nurse’s Week

This holiday takes place during the first full week of May each. It recognizes nurses and their commitment to quality healthcare. If your agency writes health coverage, mention this holiday in your agency’s content. Post about it on your agency’s Facebook page. Or, include a blurb in your agency’s newsletter.

  1. Online Privacy

Many people today worry about their online privacy. How can your agency’s customers better protect theirs? Do some research and see what the experts say. Learn about the best practices. Then, sum up your findings with a blog post. Your customers will appreciate it.

  1. Cinco De Mayo – May 5

Here in Texas, there is one cuisine we love more than barbecue, and it’s Tex-Mex. As such, Cinco de Mayo is almost a state holiday. Restaurants in your community are likely to have a party or food and drink specials planned. Post about where your customers can celebrate this year.

  1. Tax Refund Season

It was tax season, which means it’s now tax refund season. If your agency offers tax preparation or financial services, write about it. Write a blog post about the smartest ways to spend (or save) this year’s refund.

  1. Star Wars Day – May 4

This is a great opportunity to post to your agency’s social media accounts. This holiday comes from the famous Star Wars quote, “May the force (fourth) be with you.” It’s a fun play on words and yet another opportunity to keep your agency’s audience engaged this month.

  1. Employee Spotlight

Start a blog series that highlights the great people who make your insurance agency what it is. Interview one of your agency’s employees. Write about their role at the company and how they make a difference with customers. This type of blog series can help distinguish your agency from competitors. For some inspiration, check out our own interview series This is the Way.

  1. Mother’s Day – May 13

It’s time to celebrate the women who do it all. This Mother’s Day, share some of the typical sayings your mom always said in a blog post. Ask your readers to comment with their own mom-isms to encourage engagement. You may see some overlap in stories!

  1. Practical Safety Tips for Prom Season

As the last bit of school unfolds, so does prom season. And with it, all kinds of shenanigans can occur (some harmless, others not so much). Write a blog post about practical safety tips for parents and kids. These can range from safe driving to securing valuables.

  1. Memorial Day – May 28

Memorial Day occurs on the last Monday of each May. This holiday is dedicated to members of the armed forces who made the ultimate sacrifice. Many folks spend the holiday with their families. They attend Memorial Day parades or fireworks shows to remember those we lost. There are many ways to remember those service members. How will your agency honor them?

  1. Customer Success Story

Every agent has a memorable customer story. You may even use it as an example during your selling process. Did you help a customer save a lot of money on their policy? Or, were there in a customer’s time of need? Write a blog or Facebook post about it. You may get a lot of shares from it.

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