Reach Clients and Prospects With These 10 July Content Ideas

10 content ideas for July graphicYou follow up on your prospects. You carefully assist each client. You might even think about updating your agency’s advertising for an extra boost.

But wait - you’re forgetting something.

When was the last time you posted on your social media pages, blog, or sent an email newsletter? If it’s been a few weeks, don’t let more time pass without connecting with your readers and followers.

Here are 10 new content ideas to get you started.

1. Personal Watercraft Safety

We’re well into summer, which means it’s time to get out on the water. Have you informed your clients yet about personal watercraft coverage? Or you can write up your own safety tips and hazards to watch out for.

2. Independence Day - July 4th

Don’t let this holiday pass you by without at least posting something on social media. Remember, you can easily schedule Facebook posts ahead of time. And, if you’re closed on this holiday, consider this before sending an out of office email.

3. “Why is My Premium Going Up?”

No insurance agent is a stranger to this question. Luckily, you’re the insurance expert here. Write up your answer and post it to your blog. This type of informational post will be helpful to customers years from now.

4. Chocolate Day – July 7th

Oh yes, there’s a holiday specifically for chocolate. And, there are all sorts of ways to mark this holiday. Bring some chocolate candy to the office for customers who come in that day. Post the recipe for your favorite chocolate-flavored dessert. A simple post of your Facebook or Twitter page works too.

5. Driverless Vehicles – What’s Your Take?

They’re not quite flying cars, but they might as well be. Autonomous is popular buzzword in the insurance industry, at least for now. What’s your take on the driverless car phenomena? I suggest putting your thoughts into a long-form blog post. It’s a good idea to link to your news sources to keep readers on the same page.

6. Tropical Storm and Hurricanes: How They Get Their Names

It’s a question some people might not even realize they want to ask. Have you ever wondered how tropical storms and hurricanes get their names? Your customers probably have. This fun tidbit would make a helpful graphic to share on your social networks.

7. Electrical Fire Safety

Did you know home electrical fires result in $1.3 billion worth of property damage every year? It’s worthwhile to dedicate this month’s insurance blog post to this subject. What should homeowners watch for?

8. Don’t Open Suspect Emails

Unfortunately, cyberattacks have become part of our everyday reality. As an agent, you should be taking active steps to protect your customer data. Part of that is ignoring suspect emails. But, are your clients savvy enough to identify a wolf in sheep’s clothing lurking in their inboxes? Inform them!

9. Lightning

Severe summer thunderstorms bring lots of rain, wind and lightning. Are your clients covered when lightning strikes damage their home or property? You know what to do.

10. Survey Says…

Did you know you can run polls on Facebook and Twitter? You can even set up a survey in AgencyBuzz (here’s a video how-to). Ask customers a whimsical question, like their favorite ice cream flavor. Or try something more serious, like their preferred contact method. Either way, you’ll learn something new about them.

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