Heating Up: 10 July-Themed Content Ideas for Your Agency


If business has slowed at your agency, why not take the opportunity to tackle your next piece of content. Get it out of the way before activity picks up again. 

Below you’ll find a fresh batch of topic ideas you can use for your next agency blog post. Or, use them for a monthly newsletter or social media campaign. Your followers, subscribers and customers will enjoy getting to know your agency in a new way.


  1. Best Spots to Watch July 4th Fireworks

What are the best places in your area to watch Independence Day fireworks? Write a blog post listing local fireworks displays taking place in your town. Be sure to include details such as address, start time, and parking availability. Share this to your agency’s social media pages a few days before the fourth.

  1. Heat Exhaustion Safety

Here in the South, temperatures have already reached the triple digits. It can be unsafe to spend extended periods of time outdoors without precautions. Notify your readers of ways to avoid heat exhaustion. For example, taking water breaks and avoiding over-exertion.

  1. July Food Holidays

July has many interesting and fun holidays aside from the typical festivities. Your insurance agency can choose to take part in as many or as few of these as you’d like. They may also be a fun addition to your newsletter’s events section. Take a look at this website for some interesting food-related holidays this month. Did you know July 1st is International Chicken Wing Day?

  1. Life Insurance Check-In

A lot of consumers have the mindset of “Set it and forget it” with insurance. The same is true for life insurance coverage as well. If your agency writes life insurance, why not write a blog post about how often people should check in on their policies. This would make a great evergreen blog post, too.

  1. Dog Days of Summer

Here’s a fun factoid to post on your agency’s social media page today. Did you know the saying dog days of summer has astronomical origins? The warmest and most humid part of summer is also the period when Sirius, also known as the Dog Star, rises with the sun at the same time.

  1. International Travel Safety

Summer is when many people are free to take longer, extended trips. This can mean vacations abroad or internationally. Do your agency’s clients do the same? Do some research and compile your top international travel tips for this month’s blog post.

  1. (Air Conditioned) Summer Fun

Before writing this blog post, think about your customer base. Is it mostly families? Older generations? Commercial clients? With that in mind, write a helpful blog about the best indoor places to have some fun around your city.

  1. Tips to Reduce Water Usage

We use water every day for cleaning, cooking, bathing, and more. Those small uses can add up to a pricey water bill, though. This is especially true if your area is drought-prone. Make your next blog post about top water conservation tips.

  1. City Recycling Pickup

If your agency serves a lot of homeowners, this topic may be of interest to them. Many neighborhoods and counties have their own rules for recycling pickup. But, it can be hard for new residents to know what the pickup times are. Write your next blog post about this topic.

  1. Worker’s Comp Series

This can depend on your agency’s lines of business. Start a series about worker’s compensation. Use it to answer your most common questions about the subject. You could also write a blog post about your most common types of claims.  

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