Get it Done: 10 Fast Content Ideas for February

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Before you know it, February will be over. That means you have less time than usual to achieve your monthly agency goals.

If you intend to send a newsletter, write a blog, or post to social media in the next 28 days, start here. We have 10 content ideas to get you started. As usual, watch this space next month for even more ideas.

1. Bed Bugs

Unfortunately, these pests are all too common. Write an informational blog post about how to identify a bed bug infestation. Then, make sure to include how the bugs can be stopped. This type of blog post would be great for commercial clients, such as hotels or rental companies.

2. Super Bowl LII – February 4th

Be sure to post to your insurance agency’s social media accounts on this day. Everyone will be talking about the big game on social media, so take advantage. You can post a favorite recipe, who you’re rooting for, or your favorite commercial. Or, post your agency’s contact information in case your clients need to make an emergency claim.

3. Crazy Claims

In your insurance career, have you encountered any unusual claims? Write about your top three most unique insurance claims for an interesting blog post. You could also ask any fellow agents if they have any fun ones to share, too. Make sure to change names and locations as needed.

4. Prepping Your Home for Vacation

Most people do a rough check of their home before going out of town. They will unplug electronics and make sure the oven is off. Some folks will arrange a house-sitting service or mail pickup. What do you always check before heading out the door?

5. Valentine’s Day – February 14th

Commemorate this holiday with an easy Valentine’s Day post on your social media channels. Or, run a seasonal Valentine’s Day promotion. You could also share about the heavily discounted candy and chocolates the following day. 


6. It’s The Law

What are the legal implications of driving uninsured? What is the minimum coverage required for automobiles in your state? What laws surround your agency’s lines of business? Write about these common questions in an evergreen blog post.

7. Recent Statistics

Have you seen an interesting statistic recently? Yesterday I saw cell phone users are twice as likely to be involved in a car crash. If you see a statistic that piques your interest, share it with you followers. These would be good to post on your social media accounts as they are thought-provoking, yet short. Be sure to link to the study.

8. Short Month

February is (usually) only 28 days long. That means it will go by faster than you will realize. Planning is even more important than usual. Write a blog post about how your customers can make the most of February.

9. American Heart Month

The first American Heart Month took place in February 1964. It is a federally-designated month to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease. Throughout February, share tips in your agency newsletter, social media, or blog about how clients can prevent heart disease.

10. Most Common Liabilities

Every industry faces liabilities, especially if your agency serves a niche market. What are the most common liabilities your customers face? Write a blog post about the top five. Be sure to add how clients can protect themselves against them.  


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