Get a Fresh Start with 10 Content Ideas for January



Get off on the right foot in 2018 with your agency marketing goals. One of those goals should pertain to a concerted effort to post more to your website’s blog.

Blogging doesn’t only serve your customers and prospects. It also helps your insurance website’s online visibility and search engine ranking. Plus, with these ten content ideas, you don’t have to think of what to write about. What are you waiting for?


1.      New Year’s Day – January 1

Share well wishes and a happy New Year on your social media pages this New Year’s Day. If you plan on being out of office or closed for business that day, don’t worry. Use these instructions to schedule your posts ahead of time for Facebook.

2.      Tips for Achieving Goals

If you started your own agency, or even if you support an agency as a producer, you know how important goals are. You’ve probably achieved many at your agency. What strategies have you found to work well? Share your tips for setting and achieving meaningful goals.   

3.      Reevaluating Coverage

For some clients, the New Year may be a good time to reevaluate coverage or add special coverage to policies. For example, high value holiday gifts like fine jewelry may need extra coverage. Post a blog or send an email to your clients about this topic.

4.      National Pharmacist Day – January 12

This holiday is recognizes an important role in medical care: The pharmacist. Pharmacists must understand chemistry and interactions between drugs. They also must take a patient’s physiology into consideration, too. When posting about this holiday on social media, use the hashtag #NationalPharmacistDay.

5.      Seasonal Business Wind Down

If your customers are commercial businesses, some of them may be winding down for the season. As an insurance agent, you face your own seasonality depending on your lines of business. Think of three ideas of what seasonal businesses can do during the slow time of year. For example, they can make needed upgrades or repairs.

6.      MLK Day – January 15

We observe this national holiday on the third Monday of January each year. It commemorates the birth of Martin Luther King Jr., the country’s most visible civil rights activist. Honor his memory by posting your favorite Martin Luther King Jr. quote to social media or in your January newsletter.


7.      Life Insurance Check Up

As mentioned earlier, many use January as a reason to face their goals and to-do lists head-on. It is likely some customers have been putting off making adjustments to their life insurance policies.  Encourage customers to check in on their life insurance coverages as they get everything else in order for 2018.  

8.      Motivation

You can have all the goals and strategies in the world and still lack motivation. It happens to the best of us, usually around the third week of January. What is your source for motivation when you need it most? Is there a certain leader you look to for inspiration to keep going? Share with your customers and social media followers.

9.      National Blood Donor Month

In January, the American Red Cross celebrates the impact made by blood donors. If you aren’t made queasy by needles, make a donation in January. Or, write a blog post about where people can donate locally.


10.     Healthy Lunch Recipes

Many people use January 1 to make a fresh start on their health. Encourage healthy behaviors by sharing five nourishing, work-friendly lunch ideas. You don’t need to be a great cook. Do a little research online and post what looks delicious – and healthy!

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