Deck the Halls with 10 Content Ideas for December

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This December, deck out your insurance agency website with some fresh content.

The holiday season is a busy time for all. It can be hard to think about what to blog about next.

To make things a little easier, try these ten content ideas. Each would make a great blog post or newsletter feature. As always, check back the same time next month for more.


  1. National Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month
    Tis the season for online shopping and transactions. More and more consumers turn to the internet for purchasing gifts each year. It’s no wonder December marks National Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness month. Throughout the month, post tips about preventative actions to avoid identify theft.
  2. Package Theft
    Another common type of theft this time of year is mail theft, especially of packages. What are ways your clients can secure their packages while not at home? Some folks use video cameras. Others have packages delivered to work offices or use services like Amazon Locker. Save clients the stress of stolen mail with a blog post on this topic.
  3. Poinsettia Day – December 12
    Bright poinsettia flowers are common sight during Christmas. Did you know this holiday was actually declared by an act of Congress? It honors Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first Ambassador to Mexico. He brought the plants from Mexico and gave them out as gifts. Post a pretty poinsettia picture to your social media profiles on this day.
  4. Cooking Risk Tips
    Restaurant and home kitchens alike are busy this time of year. With so much going on, it can be easy for accidents to happen. Take this opportunity to share your expertise. What types of claims are most common? What can your clients do to operate a safe kitchen?
  5. Reassessing Flood Risks
    Recent flooding in some states may cause your clients to wonder if they have enough coverage. Some communities are even in talks about reviewing flood plain maps. What are your thoughts about this topic? Talk about it in a blog post.
  6. Car Seat Safety
    Are your clients driving the kids to see grandma this holiday season? It’s a good time to check in with some car seat safety tips. Write a blog post about how to check a car seat’s expiration date. Or, announce any recent car seat recalls.
  7. Shortest Day of the Year – December 21
    This is the shortest day of the year by measure of daylight hours. This date would make for a great shareable graphic for social media. There are many fun facts and tidbits to share. For example, did you know at the North Pole, the sun never rises on this day?
  8. Coat Drive, Toy Drive, Canned Food Drive, Adopt-A-Family, Adopt-A-Child
    There are so many great opportunities for philanthropy at the end of the year. Choose one for your agency and write a blog post about it. Post about it on social media throughout the month and announce when you have met your goal.
  9. Holidays of December
    Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve. Those are only a few of the many holidays celebrated this month. These are a gold mine of content ideas for your agency. Write a blog post with a calendar of local events about these holidays. Or, share some fun facts about them.
  10. Looking Forward to the New Year
    It’s time to reflect on the past 12 months and look forward to the new year. What have you learned in the past year that you will take with you to the next? What are you looking to achieve in 2018? Talk about your goals in a blog post and include it in your last newsletter of the year. Clients and prospects want to know that you are always working toward a goal.
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