Brave the Winter Season with 10 End-of-Year Content Ideas for December

10 content ideas for december

Wrap up 2018 with an end-of-year blog post to your insurance website. The fresh content can help bring new visitors to your website. And, it serves as a useful resource for existing clients.

It can be difficult to think about what to post to your agency’s website, social media, or email newsletter. This is especially true at the end of the year.

Try one of these seasonal and client-friendly topics. Or, find more in our free 12 Months of Content Ideas whitepaper.

  1. Travel Tips, by Mode of Transport

Whether it’s by train, bus, car or plane, your clients are likely traveling this month. Compile a list of travel tips and sort it by mode of transportation. Post it to your blog and share it to social media or in your email newsletter.

  1. International Civil Aviation Day – Dec. 7th

Although this is a unique holiday, it may align with certain client bases. This holiday promotes civil aviation and its importance to social and economic development. If you think this topic is relevant to your clients, post about it.

  1. Winter Construction Hazards

Winter construction poses its own safety hazards along with freezing temperatures. From hypothermia to carbon monoxide poisoning, dangers are prevalent. If you write commercial lines of business, this may be a useful topic for your clients.

  1. Food Safety for Holiday Leftovers

It’s happened to us all before. A Tupperware of holiday leftovers. A poorly calculated decision. How long does turkey last, anyways? Then, the stomachache. This time of year, post a blog about food safety tips for common holiday leftovers. You may save someone a trip to the doctor or pharmacy.  

  1. Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day – Dec. 7th

Every year, veterans gather to honor those killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Post about this Remembrance Day on your agency’s social media accounts on December 7th.

  1. Open Enrollment 2019

For some companies, open enrollment is around the corner in early 2019. Your insurance agency may get an influx of inquiries, depending on your lines of business. Add an FAQ section to your website to serve as a quick reference for potential client questions.

  1. Tax Season Ahead

Also coming soon is tax season. Many insurance agencies also offer in-house tax services. If your agency does too, you are no doubt familiar with the benefits of early preparation. Write a blog post about what items clients need to have on hand for tax season.  

  1. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day – Dec 24th and 25th

If your agency’s office will close for the Christmas holiday, make sure everything is in order. Post a sign on the door to address walk-ins. Set up an out of office message in your email. And, record a message on your phone system with your direct line in case of emergencies.

  1. Disposing or Recycling Old Decorations

Instead of packing away the decoration this year, some clients may be looking for ways to properly dispose or recycle those items. Write a blog post about different ways these items can serve a new purpose. For example, they could donate decorations to a shelter or nonprofit. Or, sold on Craigslist.

  1. New Year’s Eve – Dec 31st

Do a bit of internet research and compile a list of local New Year’s Eve events happening in your area. Local blogging is a great way to capture online traffic from people in your community. Read our recent blog post on the topic here.


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