Autumn Refresh: 10 New Content Ideas for September

10 topic ideas for september


August. It’s the Sunday of summer. As the season winds down, it will soon be fall. What are your agency’s goals? This time of year is a great opportunity to take a breath, assess, and swim through the wall.

One of your next to-do items should involve updating the content on your agency website. Use the below topic ideas for your next agency blog post. Or, use them as topics for your agency’s FAQ or line of business web pages.

As always, check back next month for 10 new topic ideas.

1. Supplies for Every Home Repair Toolbox

If your agency serves a lot of new homeowners, this topic may be perfect for those clients. When someone moves into their first home, they may not have a full-blown toolbox. Write about those must-have tools and gadgets every homeowner should have on hand.

2. Labor Day – Sept. 3rd

If you have a newsletter going out to customers at the end of August, be sure to wish them a happy Labor Day weekend. Otherwise, you could also post the message on your agency’s Facebook page. Ask your followers to share their plans in the comments.

3. Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with nutritious lunchbox options that kids will actually enjoy. This topic would make sense for your agency’s life and health clientele. Write a blog post with the top ingredients for a healthy school lunch. Or, you could also write about unhealthy snack foods.

4. Grandparents Day - Sept 9th

Another great topic for life and health agents is commemorating Grandparents Day. This holiday occurs every year on the Sunday after Labor Day. Take a moment to write about a fond memory of your grandparents. Or, a valuable lesson you learned from them. Your readers may comment with their own.

5. Prepping Your Home for the Holidays

Although Christmas decorations will soon appear on store shelves, the holidays are still awhile away. Now is a good time to remind customers to prep their home (or seasonal business) for the holidays. Now is the time to get repairs and projects underway before the holiday season begins!

6. Teen Driver Safety

As an insurance agent, you work every day to protect clients from disaster. Write about the importance of teen driver safety. If you offer auto, add this content to your agency website’s auto line of business page.

7. Patriot Day – Sept. 11th

Each American has their own memory and experience from this day. It’s important to honor those who lost their lives during the tragedy of 9/11. However you decide to commemorate September 11th, be sure to do so with dignity and respect.

8. Whole Term or Regular Term Life Insurance?

It’s a question you probably get every day if you're a life insurance agent. Write up your answer and post it on your website. That way, people searching for answers on the web will find it (and your agency, too).

9. Football Season

There are many ways to write about football season. It's a great topic for social media to get your followers engaged. High school, college or professional? Tailgating or watch parties? Each has their own safety tips and advice that you can provide from an agent’s perspective.

10. National Hunting and Fishing Day – Sept 15th

Do you live in an area with plenty of hunting and fishing enthusiasts? Post about this holiday, which occurs every year on the third Saturday of September. This day was originally created to show appreciation for the conservation efforts of hunters and fishers. These folks were the early supporters of conservation.

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