5 Types of Insurance Content Ideas for 2019

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If one of your insurance agency’s goals in 2019 is to do more marketing of your business, content should be part of your strategy. Not only is content relatively easy to put together, it’s also (usually) free. Often, the only cost is your time.

Content comes in all shapes and sizes, each being uniquely useful and engaging. For a typical insurance agency, content likely takes the form of the following:

  • A printed brochure or handout.
  • The wording on your website’s pages.
  • A blog post.
  • Social media status updates.
  • Your email newsletter.

Though, that doesn’t mean you’re limited to just those mediums. If your agency’s marketing goals align with video or infographics, the following content ideas can be used for those purposes as well. Content in your email drip campaigns should be updated periodically as well.

No matter what your marketing goals this year, you can likely use content to help. Use one of the following ideas as the basis of your next piece content.

  1. Upcoming Deadlines

Tax season. Open enrollment. These major events have seasons and deadlines, which can provide plenty of content opportunities for your agency. These government events always happen at the same time each year. Make a plan in advance of what content you’ll produce and when.

There are also insurance deadlines clients should be made aware of. Even though these deadlines aren’t fixed across all clients, you can still use relevant content to help. Create a policy renewal email campaign in your email marketing system. It will remind clients of upcoming due dates and can provide necessary information to keep coverage from lapsing.

  1. Federal Holiday Information

Depending on which you count, there are up to 14 federal holidays this year. Each holiday could provide a reason to create content for your audience. Often, the topics of insurance and safety naturally fit with holiday traditions. For example, you could post a blog for the Fourth of July about fireworks safety.

  1. Seasonal Maintenance or Hazards

Every winter, spring, summer and fall comes with its own maintenance or hazards. These kinds of topics will be most relevant to your local community. For example, if your agency writes life and health, write about flu season.  

  1. Frequently Asked Questions

There are many forms this type of content can take. A blog series. A website video. Or, a printed flyer for new clients or prospects. Talk to your agents and see what the most frequently asked questions are for each line of business.

Then, produce the answers using whichever medium best suits your agency’s clients. Be sure to revisit the topics in future content to expand on detailed answers. Your agency is a well of insurance information. This type of content will help you be seen as a trusted adviser.

  1. Just For Fun (Quirky Holidays, seasonal recipes, life hacks)

Depending on your clientele, sometimes it’s appropriate to share or produce content that has less of an insurance flavor. Your clients and readers may be just as interested in your family pie recipe during Thanksgiving as anything insurance-related.


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