10 Seasonal Content Ideas for October

10 ideas for october

The most difficult part of writing content can be coming up with a topic to talk about. The same applies your insurance agency’s blog. If you have an insurance website, it’s vital to keep the content on it updated.

Updated content serves two purposes. First, it positions your insurance agency as a leader and information resource for consumers. And second, it increases your website’s visibility when people search for insurance online. Plus, the easiest way to update content is to write a blog post.

So, what are you waiting for? Here are 10 topics you can use for your next agency blog post! (Be sure to check back next month, too, where we will have 10 more new topics to choose from).  


  1. Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Fall-themed items are ubiquitous this time of year, but so is the color pink. That’s because October is breast cancer awareness month. There are many ways to participate in the festivities surrounding this month. See if your area is having a 5k or fun run your agency can participate in. Or, wear pink to work on Fridays. Afterwards, post about it in your blog or share photos on social media.

  1. Your Property Flooded – What Next?

As hurricane season winds down, flooding is still fresh on everyone’s mind. Write a blog post outlining the steps your clients should take if their property floods. If heavy rain or flooding affects your area again in the future, re-share that blog post to your social media followers or include it in your email newsletter.

  1. National Golf Day – Oct. 4th

This holiday takes place each year on October 4th, and is a charitable event put on by the PGA. Local gold courses may host their own events to commemorate this day. If you think it’s relevant to your customer base, write a blog post about this holiday. Remember, it’s okay to write about topics that aren’t strictly related to insurance sometimes. It just depends on your customer base and what they’d like to read about.

  1. Niche Coverages

Does your agency offer any niche coverages that isn’t advertised on your website? Write a blog post about them. You may gain interest from prospects and current clients regarding those unusual coverages.

  1. World Teacher Day - Oct 5th

World Teachers’ Day began in 1993 to honor teachers around the world each year. If you believe teachers deserve recognition, add this holiday to the calendar page of your insurance website. Or, add it in your next email newsletter’s upcoming holiday section.

  1. Car Seat Safety Tips for New Parents

Child car seats can be tricky to install for first-time parents. Do some research on the web and make a checklist of five safety tips that parents should know about car seats. This topic would be well-suited for first-time homebuyers and younger families.

  1. Columbus Day - Oct 8th

Always occurring the second Monday of October, this holiday commemorates Christopher Columbus’s discovery of the New World for Europeans. Nowadays, this day is a retail holiday marked by sales and discounted goods. Write a blog post about the history of this day for your next insurance blog post.

  1. Are Mobile Payment Apps Secure?

If your clients aren’t already using peer-to-peer cash apps, their kids may be. Although these applications are fast and easy to use, are they secure? Do some research and see what the industry consensus is. Then, write about your advice in your next blog post.

  1. Frankenstein Friday – Oct 26th and Halloween – Oct. 31st

Everyone knows about October’s most popular ghoulish holiday. But have you heard of Frankenstein Friday? Always occurring the last Friday of October, Frankenstein Friday celebrates the birth of Mary Shelley. Shelley wrote Frankenstein at the age of 21. Post this fun fact to your agency’s social media pages on Frankenstein Friday this year.

  1. How Do You Know if Your Home Has Roof Damage?

Homeowners and agents alike know how much of a headache a new roof can be. What can you clients do to identify roof damage? Write a blog post about the top telltale signs of roof damage – be it commercial or residential.


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