10 Lucky Content Ideas for March

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Once in a while, you strike gold with a particular content idea. The blog post garners lots of engagement and generates traffic to your insurance website. A really lucky blog post can even generate leads for your agency with a good call to action. Will you get lucky with one of these March content ideas?

1. National Nutrition Month

Whether you offer health insurance or just want to spread the news, March is National Nutrition Month. This national holiday actually began in 1973 as National Nutrition Week. It grew to a month in 1980 because of growing public interest in nutrition.

The National Nutrition Month website has plenty of information and resources. Share them to your agency’s social media pages. Or, look for some useful tips to share in your agency’s March newsletter.

2. Employee Appreciation Day – March 2

At ITC, Employee Appreciation Day is synonymous with food. We are treated to breakfast, lunch and sugary sweets for a delicious day. Check out the dessert spread from last year.


Will your agency celebrate Employee Appreciation Day this year? If so, be sure to post some photos of the fun. Clients will enjoy seeing your agency’s personality come through.

3. Snow Shoveling Safety

Here in Texas, spring weather has already set in. But if your agency is in an area with plenty of snow, it’s worthwhile to share snow shoveling safety tips. The heavy lifting can strain backs and muscles. The repetitive motion can also cause dehydration and exhaustion. Write a blog post with your top five safety tips. It could save clients aches and pains.

4. Daylight Savings Time – March 11

Yes, it’s already time for Daylight Savings Time to begin again. Remember, in the spring we spring forward and gain an hour. Remind your clients to set their watches and clocks around the house to an hour earlier on this date. Smartphones do not need to be set. Write an evergreen blog about Daylight Savings Time to capture more online traffic.

5. A Day In The Life of an Insurance Agent

Do you ever wonder what some folks do all day at work? Well, they may have wondered the same about you. This topic idea could serve a few purposes. For example, it appeals to people who want to start their own agency. It would also be an interesting read for clients who work in sectors far removed from insurance.

6. The Ides of March – March 15

Ever wonder when the Ides of March really refers to? It is the day Julius Caesar was assassinated in Shakespeare's play of the same name. This March-themed trivia would be good for an interesting social media post. It is okay to share non-insurance themed messages to social media accounts. It keeps things fun and interesting for your followers.

7. Construction Zone Safety

Construction can lead to new businesses, much needed improvements and helpful facilities. But, the process can present hazards for the general public. Write a blog post about some of these hazards your clients should watch out for. For example, checking car tires for nails.

8. St. Patrick’s Day – March 17

Is your community having a St. Patrick’s Day parade? Are there other themed activities happening around town? Write up a list of these for your clients to read and share. Be sure to link to where folks can find more information about events. And, don’t forget to wear green.

9. Retirement Checklist

Are your clients on track for retirement? Make sure they have a plan. If your agency offers financial services or life insurance, you may already discuss this with new clients. But, I encourage you to write about this topic too. A blog post can end up driving traffic to your insurance website. Plus, it’ll definitely be helpful to clients.

10. International Day of Happiness – March 20

The United Nations founded this global holiday when it passed a resolution stating, “…the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal.” Also known as Happiness Day, it’s a simple idea, but a powerful one. Post about this holiday on March 20 to get you and your clients’ Happiness Day started on the right foot.

Bonus: Springtime Religious Holidays

Much like December, March has a great deal of religious holidays. Whether your agency chooses to post about them or not is up to you. Either way, they are still good to know and keep in mind.

  • Purim – March 1 - Jewish
  • Holi – March 2 - Hindu
  • Lent – March 14 - Christian
  • Palm Sunday – March 25 - Christian
  • Good Friday – March 30 - Christian
  • Passover – March 30 - Jewish


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