10 Cool Content Ideas for October

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Soon, we will be well into the 10th month of the year. Keep the content on your insurance website fresh and interesting with a new blog post. If you’re too busy for a blog post, consider a shorter email newsletter. Even shorter? Post to your social media accounts. Take a look at these ten content ideas for October, and come back for more next month.


1. Breast Cancer Awareness Month

You’ll have a hard time escaping the color pink in October, which is breast cancer awareness month. This annual campaign is put on by the National Breast Cancer Foundation to increase awareness of the disease. Share your personal experience with the disease in your October newsletters. Or, put on a “wear pink” day and post pictures on your social media page.


2. Apple Recipes

There are so many types of apples, there may be one for every day in October. Share your favorite apple recipe to commemorate the start of the fall season. A versatile fruit, apples can be used as part of the main course as well as dessert. Delicious!


3. Fire Prevention Day and Week – October 9

This holiday always occurs on October 9, and the week surrounding it is fire prevention week. Share your top fire safety tips throughout the week. Check to see if local fire stations are hosting any special events. Share them on your website event calendar too.


4. Sleep

A new trend in the health and wellness industry, getting a good night’s sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Write a blog post about the importance of getting enough rest at night and the long term health benefits. 


5. Pumpkin Carving

It just wouldn’t be October without pumpkin carving. Share your top five pumpkin carving safety tips in your blog or newsletter. You also have a great excuse to host a pumpkin carving contest in your office. Poll your social media audience to pick the winning pumpkin.  

6. Friday the 13th – October 13

Friday the 13th occurs one to three times per year, but rarely in the month of October. Add a little fun to your agency’s content calendar and post about this creepy holiday.


7. White Cane Safety Day – October 15

White Cane Safety Day commemorates the accomplishments of the blind or visually impaired. Their independence is represented by a white cane. This is a vital tool helps them navigate the world. President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed this national holiday on October 15, 1964. Honor it by spreading the word about its significance.

8. Natural Disasters of Your Area

It seems every part of the country and world is susceptible to natural disasters. In California, sweeping fires and earthquakes. On the Gulf, we’ve seen historic flooding and hurricanes. What types of natural disasters is your area at risk for? This topic could make a great preparedness and awareness blog series. 


9. Fallen Power Lines

Most people know to avoid fallen power lines. But, make it your duty to fill in some of the blanks for your customers. What should someone do when they see a fallen power line? Who should it be reported to? How wide a berth should they give it? What about when water is involved? There is a lot of information to be shared.


10. Halloween

It wouldn’t be October without something Halloween related. To some, it is the best holiday of the year. There are certainly a lot of different topics to write about, so let your imagination run wild. Here’s an idea: Scary stories of insurance claims gone bad!


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