10 Amazing Content Ideas for Fall That'll Spike Your Traffic

Freshen up your insurance agency website and your agency newsletter with these seasonal content ideas! Regular publication of new content on your website is critical for search engine optimization! From national holidays to prepping your audience for the rest of the hurricane season, we’ve got you covered with one blog through mid-November!

1: Patriot Day – September 11

This solemn day of remembrance is a chance to honor those lost in the September 11th terrorist attacks. Honor this day in your own way: be it participating in a community event or a memorial post on your website. Be careful if you do write about this topic to keep the focus on those you’re honoring and not on your agency. Turning a blog post about a historical day like 9/11 into an article about you runs the risk of coming across as tone-deaf and can have the opposite effect you want.

2: National Cleanup Day – September 19

This nationally recognized holiday is an opportunity to work together with your neighbors to clean up your community. Whether you want to organize an event yourself or share the initiative with others, this holiday is a great way to improve your community. Do a linkup post beforehand with links to events happening around your town. Share pictures on social media or in your newsletter if your agency participated or hosted an event.

3: Homeschooling Tips

As school starts up again, both parents and kids may be struggling to reset to a homeschooling schedule. Share tips in a blog post about how parents can ease children into this new routine. At the end, ask for readers to share their own strategies too.

4: Hurricane Preparedness

With hurricane season in full form, now is the time to be sharing safety tips and coverage information with your clients. Keep the hurricane coverage information updated on your website. Communicate frequently with your clients with any updates via email and social media.

5: COVID-19 Pandemic Updates

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still a concern for us all. There will undoubtedly be continued updates and impacts on insurance coverage. Make sure you’re staying up to date and sharing that information with your clients.

6: How to Be a Safer Driver as Seasons Change
Changing seasons means different driving conditions. Share tips with your clients to help them stay safe. Tips like how to check their tire pressure, how to drive on icy roads, how to avoid a crash in inclement weather, etc. Include a call to action to contact you for a policy review to determine if their policy covers repairs should an accident occur.

7: Making Your Home Winter-Safe

As fall progresses and the temperature continues to drop, take inspiration from the Stark family motto… Winter is coming. That means it’s time to start thinking about getting our homes ready for colder weather. A blog or social media post is a great way to help your clients avoid damage to their homes. Think of it as a friendly reminder to start checking their home’s heater, drainage, fireplace, insulation, and sprinkler systems.

8: Veterans Day – November 11

It's important for us to celebrate, remember, and thank our veterans and active-duty military personnel for all their sacrifices. For social media, have a graphic and caption prepared. If you have any active duty or veteran’s in your life or your employee’s lives, you can feature their story on your blog. Show your support for our veterans.

9: Security When Traveling for the Holidays

Many of us will be packing up and visiting family for the holidays. Write a blog post with safety and security tips to avoid fires, theft, and weather or water damage. This is a great opportunity to share coverage options that can help your clients in the case of any unexpected damage to their homes.

10: Thanksgiving – November 26

Thanksgiving is all about coming together with family and giving thanks for all the good things in our lives. However, your Thanksgiving plans might be somewhat different this year due to COVID-19. Share some tips for hosting a virtual holiday party, or other fun ideas to celebrate safely!


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