10 August Content Ideas for Your Agency

10 Insurance Content Ideas for August

Is summer your insurance agency’s slow season? What better time to catch up on your blogging, newsletter, or social media posts. Luckily we have come up with ten great insurance content ideas for the month of August. Plus, many of these also evergreen topics that can be used at another time of year.

1. Local Housing Market

It’s a topic almost as popular as the weather. How is your community’s housing market doing? Interview a local realtor to get their take. Link to their website at the end of the article so they can get a backlink.


2. Doggie Pool Day

Often, public pools reserve the last day of the season for a pet swim day. Locals bring their pups to paddle around and cool off. Check to see if any of your local pools are planning an event like this.


3. August 14, 15 – V-J Day

This national holiday marks Japan’s formal surrendered to the US in World War II, ending the war. Because of the difference in time zones between Japan and the US, the surrender took place on two days. This would make an interesting historical post on Facebook. Don’t be afraid to post interesting content not strictly related to insurance.


4. Bike Safety

Bike safety goes beyond wearing a helmet. Inform your readers about other important bike safety tips in a blog post. For example, signaling with hands when turning. Or, wearing reflective clothing in the evening.


5. Signs of Concussions

Concussions don’t just come from contact sports. They can happen in freak accidents, too. If someone gets knocked on the head, what symptoms should they watch out for? This information could even be turned into a shareable infographic.


6. August 21 – National Senior Citizens Day

Celebrate the senior citizens in your life on this day. Volunteer at a local senior center with your agency. Or, post on your blog or social media about the important seniors in your life.


7. Insurance Scams to Watch Out For

You may run in to customers who have been burned in the past by a bad agent. They may have been victims of insurance scams. The best way to beat scammers is to educate the public on how to protect themselves. Post a blog about prevalent scams out there.


8. August 26 – National Dog Day

This holiday is perfect for social media. Collect pet photos from the whole agency and post them to your Facebook or Twitter feed. Or, you can make a game of it and ask users to match the dog to the dog name. Whatever you decide to post, be sure to use the hashtag #NationalDogDay.


9. Distracted Driving Laws

Distracted driving legislation is making its way through courts across the country. Where does your area stand? If your clients be affected by state or county laws, write a blog post about it or include it in your next newsletter.


10. School Supply Drive

The school year is around the corner, but some students can’t afford new school supplies. Your agency can host or participate in a local school supply drive. Or, post a list of locations where folks can donate folders, pencils, tissues, and other school supplies. 

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